Okeechobee Gator Hunting

Bob is a fully licensed and insured US Coast Guard Capt. He has been hunting trophy gators in the world renowned Lake Okeechobee and surrounding areas for over 18 years with a very high success rate. If you are looking for a memorable hunt of a lifetime don‘t waste time as tags and dates are limited. We look forward to serving you and providing you with a hunt of lifetime!!

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All equipment needed for your Okeechobee gator hunt will be supplied. We will be hunting out of a fully rigged 18 ft. tracker boat or a I4 ft. custom airboat. The only thing you need to bring is mosquito repellent, rain gear , food and drink. You may bring alcoholic beverages but we have observed over the years that it does effect the success rate , we leave it up to you; we have a cooler on board.


Bow, Crossbow, Fishing pole, Harpoon
Gators will be dispatched with a bangstick.
All hunts will be in accordance with FL. Law
Absolutely no firearms on board except for bangstick.


Local taxidermists and processor available. We will assist you in every way to get your gator processed. The gator you kill is totally yours you get all the meat and you can decide to do what you prefer such as: get the hide tanned to make product, mount the gator in any of a number of ways (pictures on hand) or whatever you prefer.


• 2 nights of hunting
• 2 persons
• We provide all tags.
• Kill 1 alligator up to 9'11". in length $1,500.00
• If you have your own tags we can assist you as well
• $750.00 per night for 2 people to kill 1 gator ---- $ 1,000.00 to kill both gators
• You can lock in your hunt with a $500.00 non refundable deposit

Trophy Fees

Trophy fees apply to alligators over 9’11“ in length. Gators over 10’0" in length are considered trophy animals; we work hard to get you an opportunity to harvest one of these magnificent creatures. We have had numerous satisfied clients over the years that have harvested gators over 9’0“ including many over l2”0“.

Alligator Size Trophy Fee
10' Range $2,000
11' Range $2,500
12' Range $3,000
13' & Up $3,500
Break State Record $$$$$$

Only a limited number of hunts are available.

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