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Gator Hunting


Bob is a fully licensed USCG Captain. He has been hunting trophy gators in the world-renowned Lake Okeechobee and surrounding areas for over 40 years with a very high success rate. When looking for that memorable hunt of a lifetime, don’t hesitate to call as tags and dates are limited.
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Florida’s alligator population has been on the rise for decades; at least one million gators live throughout the state of Florida, with some biologists estimating that number is closer to two million. This increase is due to conservation efforts by hunters and environmentalists to protect the gators habitat and numbers. This protection has led to an abundance of alligators that need controlling. Gator hunting season is therefore a busy time for hunters in Florida. Florida gator hunting is open from August 15th through November 1st and is one of the most popular choices for both the local hunters and visitors from out of state.


Captain Bob supplies all of the equipment needed for a memorable hunt. Guests only need to bring snacks and drinks along with light rain gear. Last but not least, most importantly, bring a camera and binoculars to see!! You may bring alcoholic beverages but we have observed that it does affect the success rate over the years. We leave it up to you and we have a cooler on board.
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Bow, Crossbow, Fishing Pole, Harpoon. Gators will be dispatched with a bang stick. All hunts will be in accordance with Florida Law.
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Local taxidermists and processors are available. We will assist you in every way to get your gator processed. The gator you kill is entirely yours. You get all of the meat, and you can decide to do what you prefer: get the hide tanned to make a product, mount the gator in any number of ways (pictures on hand) or whatever you choose.
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Pricing and Terms

• 2 nights of hunting
• 2 persons
• We provide all tags.
• Got your own tags? That's fine too.
• There is a $500 non-refundable deposit
• Kill 1 alligator up to 9'11". in length $1,500.00
• $750.00 per night for 2 people to kill 1 gator —or— $ 1,000.00 to kill both gators

Trophy Fees

Trophy fees apply to alligators over 9’11“ in length. Gators over 10’0" in length are considered trophy animals; we work hard to get you an opportunity to harvest one of these magnificent creatures. We have had numerous satisfied clients over the years that have harvested gators over 9’0“ including many over l2”0“.

Gator Size

Trophy Fee


10' Range
Up to two guests
11' Range
Up to two guests
12' Range
$80 per person
13' & Up
Up to six guests
Break State Record
To Be Discussed
*Plus State and Local Tax
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Gator Hunting Action

Check out this 10-minute clip showing Capt. Bob Stafford conducting a gator hunt with clients.


Let Capt. Bob take you on the bass fishing, gator hunting, or duck hunting adventure you won't soon forget.
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