What kind of ducks will I shoot?

Mostly puddle ducks are targeted such as teal, mottled ducks, shovelers, pintails etc... Water is usually below waist deep. Diving ducks are usually abundant as well such as ringnecks and bluebills although the water is deeper.

Can I bring my own decoys?

Yes you can use whatever you are comfortable with. If you don’t have decoys Bob will provide them and set them up for you.

Do I need a plug in my gun?

Yes, hunters are required to obey all laws; only 3 shells per gun.

What type of shells should I shoot?

#2 thru #4 high brass steel shot is recommended. Steel shot is required by law.

What do I need to bring?

Basically you need hunting licenses, duck stamps, gun, shells and waders. Most hunters also bring drinks and snacks. All other equipment is provided. For more information see our Okeechobee duck hunting page.